Laatste update: 22-03-2019

CRISPR Design & Strategy

Course Date: Monday April 8th - Tuesday April 9th 2019, Cambridge (UK)

This course is organised by CamBioScience

Aim of the course:


Lectures Master the use of CRISPR-Cas technology for mammalian genome editing. Learn all you need about the structure of genes, and how best to target, delete, modify and tag them.

Wet Lab Practical Sessions

Practice hands-on how to carry out a typical CRISPR experiment in the lab.


Learn how to design the perfect guide RNAs to increase the specificity of your genome editing using various bioinformatics tools.


Don’t leave any question unanswered: sit in a small group with the experts to address your project’s challenges.

Networking Beyond the classroom

you will have abundant networking and interactive time with all the speakers as well as other attendees and conference partners


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